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  • What is Salla App Store?
    Salla App Store offers various types of apps for merchants to choose from in order to elevate their store growth, performance, and profitability.
  • What benefits might I be getting for using the apps on the Salla App Store?
    You can use the apps on the App Store to advance your stores, such as process payments and shipments, boost marketing, add customer support, and more.
  • What are the Apps I should use?
    The Salla App Store provides several apps under one service, and you can choose what suits your Store. For example, we offer many apps under shipment, and you can select whatever aligns with your Store. You can choose from various apps that range from marketing and payments to shipment and site optimization. Look more on the Salla App Store website.
  • What can the app access in my Store?
    Every app has its own accessibility and permissions to access specific data in your Store compatible with its service. You will be asked to authorize an app with its scope before installing it on your Store.
  • How to find apps on the Salla App Store?
    The apps are categorically sectored, which eases your way to find apps. Additionally, you can use the search bar to locate the apps you want.
  • Do I pay for apps?
    There are free and paid apps on the Salla App Store. If an app has that to install the app, you will have to pay the requested amount to use the service.
  • Does Salla trust the apps published on the Sall App Store?
    Yes, all the apps are developed by 3rd party developers, and we, as Salla, review and approve the apps. If you find any problems while using the app, you can contact the service's customer support.
  • If the app didn't suit me, how can I delete it?
    You can easily remove/uninstall an app directly from your Store. If the app is paid, you won't get a refund after app deletion.
  • If I deleted an app and I want to reinstall it, how can I do that?
    Use the app App Store website to re-install the apps you want to on your Store.
  • If the trial version ended on an app, will I pay any fees?
    The service will stop, and no fees will be deducted after the trial version has been terminated.
  • If the trial version ended on an app, how can I pay for the app?
    After the trial ends, use your Store's dashboard to pay for that service, and afterward, you will get full access to the service you subscribed to.
  • Can I cancel a subscription after paying for an app?
    You can cancel the app's subscription after paying for the service, but note that you won't be able to get a refund.
  • What happens if I uninstall an application?
    It will be removed from your view as a Merchant and you will no longer have an access to use the App, unless you re-downloaded/re-subscribed from the Salla App Store
  • What happens if the app has been updated by the developer?
    The Store Admin will have an update notification in the Admin Dashboard > Installed Apps, either to accept or reject that update.
  • Why am I not able to rate some apps? 
    The merchant will not be able to rate an app until 14 days after it's installed.

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